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I bow down to him who breathes out the veda and creates the universe from it, remaining uninvolved and who is the cherished shrine of pilgrimage for all the streams of knowledge. - Sayana Rg- Veda Bhasya
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About the Retreat

As the hermitages and ashrams of ancient India "Maitreyi – The Vedic Village" is situated in the pristine, pure nature at the foothills of the Western Ghats, praised in the 'Shastras' (scriptures) for their spiritual atmosphere.

Maitreyi is an eco-friendly, spiritual and cultural retreat locatedadjacent to the Aliyar Dam Lake in Tamil Nadu known for its scenic beauty and pleasant climate throughout the year. Spread over 25 acres adjoining the Anamalai hills, the harmonious layout of the village enhances the beauty of the place.

The agriculture here is completely organic and the delicate balance of the natural ecosystemco-existing along the boundaries of the Indira Gandhi wildlife sanctuary has been carefully preserved. The architectural layout is based on the Vedic Science of architecture, Sthapatya Veda or VastuVidya and great care has been taken to use eco-friendly building materials for construction and maintenance.

In this relaxed and blissful atmosphere of the Vedic Village the practice of Yoga and Meditation supported by authentic Ayurvedic treatments will create an overall feeling of wellbeing, radiant health and profound inner experiences.

We conduct (on bookings), inspiring classes on different aspects of Vedic Science and its art forms, or organise on special occasions cultural events like classical Indian dance and music performances. We also celebrate festivals and ritualistic performances according to the Vedic calendar at Maitreyi's Auditorium,which gives the guest a taste and introduction ofVedic culture.

Your accommodation in any of the beautiful, traditional cottages and delicious vegetarian meals at our "Annapoorna Bhavan" will make your vacation at Maitreyi in all ways pleasant, comfortable and memorable.

Day visits to the Aliyar Dam Lake, enchanting waterfalls and ancient temples in nearby villages will give you an insight into the simplicity and naturalness of rural life in India. The dynamism of urban India can be experienced by visiting either Coimbatore or Palghat, both cities 64 km from the Vedic Village.

Note :
For all Yoga, Meditation, Ayurvedic treatments, other retreats program fees are additional to room and food.