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I bow down to him who breathes out the veda and creates the universe from it, remaining uninvolved and who is the cherished shrine of pilgrimage for all the streams of knowledge. - Sayana Rg- Veda Bhasya
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“Ayurveda is eternal, without beginning and end, because the laws of life are universal and timeless.” –

In the serene and peaceful atmosphere of the Vedic Village we offer authentic Ayurvedic treatments in its traditional pure form under the expert guidance of our Vaidya. We especially welcome guests who are interested to combine their Ayurvedic treatments with a spiritual practice (yoga, meditation or any other form of sadhana) since the sanskrit word for health ‘Swasthya’ – established in the Self – indicates that Self Realisation is the basis for perfect health.

Ayurveda at Maitreyi starts with a personal consultation by the Vaidya (physician). The Vaidya will assess your health requirements; will give personal recommendations and the specific treatment program. Exclusive attention and care is our aim: to achieve this, we admit only a limited number of persons at a time.

Inspiration & Revival:

Ayurveda, the science of life, stems from the Vedic civilization of India and stands as the most ancient and comprehensive health system in the world. The term Ayurveda combines two Sanskrit words – ‘Ayus’ which means life, and ‘Veda’ which means knowledge or science.

Ayurveda, based on the timeless knowledge for enlivening the unlimited inner intelligence of mind and body has been practiced in India since thousands of years; it has been passed on from generation to generation as an oral tradition and later, also in the written form. Since in the last few centuries the holistic approach of Ayurveda became lost, even in India mainly a fragmented form has been practiced in recent times.

At the end of the 1970s the Indian sage Maharishi Mahesh Yogi inspired and initiated the revival of Ayurveda. Under his guidance a number of India's most renowned and experienced Ayurvedic physicians, came together to share their knowledge to integrate the proven methods of the various family traditions and to restore the science of Ayurveda to its original wholeness.

In addition to this the guardians of long held secret formulas and procedures in many traditional Ayurvedic families were motivated by Maharishi to share their wisdom for the first time. By now Ayurveda has spread throughout the world and is recognized and practiced worldwide as a unique, holistic and most profound health system.