Sharing some sweet memories from India
Sharing some sweet memories from India, where sacred rituals abound. Many of us had the opportunity to have a Jyotish (Vedic astrology) session with a Vedic Astrologer while we were on retreat. We met with him individually. He gave us readings and he also recommended specific sacred ceremonies to each of us that the Pandits, the holy men onsite, could perform for us. There are many different types of sacred ceremonies, pujas and yajnas (fire ceremonies.) For each of the five of us, in our readings, the Jyotish recommended a Naga Puja. We could have done our ceremonies separately, but chose to do it as a group. Such a sweet memory and a beautiful ceremony that, I feel, bound us together. 💗 After the puja, our Pandit, Bhavani, walked us to the stream to release our wishes into the water. 💗🙏@ Maitreyi Vedic Village, Tamil Nadu

 — presso Maitreyi Vedic Village, Tamil Nadu.