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What Our Clients Say About Us

Just visited this beautiful, serene retreat built on the principles of Vastu shashtra and offering outstanding Ayurvedic treatments.Not only are the bungalows spotlessly clean and comfortable, the ambiance of the entire property of 16 acres is relaxing and soothing to jaded city slickers. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Much better bang for your money than other commercial Ayurvedic centers. They do not "make" you take unnecessary therapies from their roster of treatments and I found their individualized massages etc were cheaper than "package" deals!

bhatkiCanada, Nov 2014

Maitreyi is a little paradise and the perfect place to go for ayurveda treatments and relaxation. The staff is very friendly, professional and attentive. The food is great, healthy and tasty. The rooms are beautiful,built after the principles of Vastu architecture and the surroundings are just stunning. It is also possible to go there by yourself and have a great time as Maitreyi offers interesting activities everyday and you will certainly never feel left alone. I can only recommend this place !

Anja K Zürich, Switzerland, Dec 2014

I was initially planning to stay at Maitreyi for 28 days, that quickly extended into 5 weeks. I spent a long time researching different Ayurvedic centres in Southern India and finally settled on Maitreyi, one of the best decisions that I have ever made. The location is exceptional, right in the foothills of the Nilgiri Mountains, surrounded by lush coconut groves and and organic farmland. The accommodation is simple but comfortable and I felt very at home in my spacious bungalow. Doctor Abilash and his team of therapists are all very experienced and knowledgeable, you know that you are in safe hands. The food, which largely comes from the on-site organic farm, is absolutely delicious and so healthy. All of the staff are incredibly friendly and helpful, which immediately makes…

Jess HMar 2016

My friends and I visited this resort style Vedic clinic for one week of relaxation and treatments. We loved the south Indian food and were well fed at every meal. There is filtered water readily available and a small cafe with coconuts and teas. The grounds are beautiful, lush and spotlessly clean and we enjoyed a tour of the vegetable gardens at sunset with a knowledgable guide. The management and staff here are a rare thing to find when travelling through India; honest, generous and genuinely lovely. Staff providing treatments are gentle and trustworthy. The linen service is excellent -just be sure to put your washing out in the morning. The rooms are peaceful to sleep in though the mattresses are thin and a bit hard on my hips. I'd love to come back here one day for a…

Van EDec 2016

My wife and I stayed at the Maitrayivedicvillage.com location for three wonderful weeks in January of 2018. The peaceful nature of this Ayervedic resort is palpable. The layout, Vedic construction and routine were wonderful. The health treatments were well done by highly trained and dedicated staff. While Ayervedic retreats are not known for their food we thoroughly enjoyed the on site, organically grown prepared delicious meals. Peaceful, spiritual, organized and profound. I highly recommend this resort to spiritual seekers of health and inner peace.

Jay BoyleFairfield, Iowa, Jan 2018

Outstanding treatments and care. Accommodation is simple and the well designed villas manage to catch the best of the light and fresh air. Grounds are very beautiful and well maintained. Food very simple to suit Ayurvedic diet...perfect for detoxing and getting the body RE-acquainted with healthy, organic foods. Very serene peaceful environment - be sure to bring the books you’ve been desiring to read! I will certainly recommend this wonderful place... but I remind you it is a place for ‘clearing and healing’ so the beauty is the simplicity... just be prepared to accept and receive the goodness that is given and appreciate the stillness.

Happy WestAustAustralia, Jul 2018

We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to join such loving people on this sacred land. We have been travelled India for many years and seen many Ayurvedic doctors and clinics. Here everything is run to the “westerners standard”. Clean beautiful rooms, nourishing food, supportive and informative doctors and a very loving and attentive staff, all enriched with an authentic spiritual essence that is rich and healing in and of itself. A must visit! Also incredibly silent, immersed in nature and in alignment with sadhana (spiritual practices).

Artemis WandersCanada, apr 2019

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Bernice Carter
Bernice Carter
Pregnancy Pilates, Yoga & Body Balance Instructor
Bonnie Frazier
Bonnie Frazier
Acupuncturist & Doctor of Oriental Reproductive Medicine.
Leslie Simmons
Leslie Simmons
Management Master Practitioner, BodyTalk Practitioner
Same Fletcher
Same Fletcher
Intuitive Bodyworker in both Massage & Energy Healing

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