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Why Maitreyi?

India’s timeless spiritual culture has its basis in the Vedas- its rich heritage of spiritual traditions is carrying and spreading the essence of India’s ancient wisdom to the world.

The truth of Vedic wisdom is by its very nature independent of time and can therefore never be completely lost: India has seen many times its revival and we feel fortunate to live at a time when the whole world is witnessing the renaissance of Vedic wisdom.

Our pranams go to the Vedic Tradition of Masters, to all family traditions, scholars and acharyas of the various Vedic disciplines and especially to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who with his Vedic Science has inspired and initiated the worldwide revival of Vedic knowledge.

The aim of Maitreyi is to create a place with an atmosphere highly conducive to spiritual growth and dissemination of Vedic knowledge. In the realisation of the Vedic Village the combined vision, inspiration and effort of a group of friends from India and Europe found its expression. The Vedic saying “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam“- the world is one family- expresses our hope that all of you – who will be visiting and staying at the Vedic Village- will become part of Maitreyi’s family.

Maitreyi – The Vedic Village

About the Retreat

As the hermitages and ashrams of ancient India ‘ Maitreyi- the Vedic Village’ is situated in the pristine, pure nature at the foothills of the Western Ghats, praised in the ‘Shastras’ for their spiritual atmosphere.  Maitreyi is an eco-friendly, spiritual Ayurveda retreat created to introduce you to Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation and the various disciplines and art forms of  Vedic Science.

Situated near the Aliyar lake in Tamil Nadu, the retreat is spread over 25 acres adjoining the Anaimalai Hills.  The architectural layout is based on the Vedic Science of architecture, Sthapatya Veda or Vastu Vidya and great care has been taken to use eco-friendly building materials as provided by nature. Its agriculture is organic and the delicate balance of the existing ecosystem has been carefully preserved.

If you are interested in India’s Vedic culture and the simplicity of its way of life you will feel at home. At the Vedic Village – Ayurveda, the Science of Life is lively here and you will experience an overall feeling of wellbeing, radiant health and profound inner experiences.

You can stay in traditional, beautifully designed cottages and dine on the delicious vegetarian meals freshly prepared in our Annapoorna Bhavan. Your day will be filled with Ayurveda treatments, Yoga and Meditation, Vedic recitation and Yagyas and relaxed walks in our herbal garden and organic farm. In addition, on special occasions you can enjoy cultural events like classical music and dance performances.

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