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Ayurveda Packages at Maitreyi

Maitreyi offers numerous Ayurvedic treatment packages carried out under the guidance of the Vaidya.
Please note: Ayurvedic treatments at Maitreyi are always individualised and therefore different for different guests .
Packages refer to purpose, time and duration of stay.

  • The Praveshika package includes treatments which will give you an experience of practical Ayurveda and its therapies


  • This package includes treatments for head, different types of oral medicines and oils focused on relieving the tiredness of the mind and body


  • The treatments include a variety and elaborate types of therapies


  • We at Maitreyi design body specific Panchakarma treatment regimes for the guest in consultation with our Vaidya


  • Treatments based on oral medication
  • This therapy package is suggested for the age group between 40‐60years

All of these packages are meant for the comfort of the guest to choose according to the duration of their stay, budget, health condition and diagnosis in consultation with our Vaidya.

Ayurveda includes a wide variety of treatments depending upon the constitution/prakruthi of each individual as described in Ayurveda. The holistic approach and methodology of this science treats disease or ailments as symptoms of unrest at a deeper level and hence aims to go to the root of the issue. Skilful diagnosis, management and follow up are mandatory parts of the treatment.

The doctor/Vaidya will suggest and assist the guest in choosing the suitable therapies within each package and schedule for treatments as per their convenience, the guest may naturally indicate the suitable time frame at their disposal when applying for booking.

Please note the following is only a brief outline on each of the 4 Ayurveda therapy packages available at Maitreyi. Please visit our website page listing details on the types of Ayurvedic treatments.

Relaxation & Introduction – 7 days

‘Praveshika’ as a Sanskrit term means to ‘enter into’ or the first step, hence this package is ideally recommended for guests looking to relieve fatigue and at the same time get a taste of Ayurvedic treatment techniques. It is most suitable as an introduction to the therapies of this ancient science and their healing powers.

The Praveshika package includes treatments which will give you an experience of practical Ayurveda and its therapies.

Stress & anxiety relief – 7- 14 Days

Swasthya is health, and this package is therefore suggested for regaining health or swasthya. A good regime to recover for those under mental and physical stress from long & continuous working hours, excessive daily travel or tension from other worldly activities. The two weeks of treatments will help ease and mitigate the pressures and regain balance in their health. You are advised by the Vaidya to give your body at least 2 days of rest after final day of therapy and before long travel, this will help absorb the benefits and impact the purification in a complete way.

This package includes treatments for head and body, different types of oral medicines and oils focused on relieving the tiredness of the mind and body.

Rejuvenation – 14 – 21 Days

‘Punarnava’ itself means ‘to regenerate’, thus we try to regenerate and nourish the body cells through our treatments and internal medicine. This package is mainly indicated for people affected with fatigue, emaciation, lack of energy, dullness etc. The aim is to build new cells, alleviate the internal unrest and give fresh energy to the body, helping the individual re-capture an intrinsic sense of well-being.

The Punarnava treatment package needs a minimum time of three weeks, as a few days of rest after 21days of therapy will give the body system time to stabilize and settle down before resuming travel or any hectic activity.

The treatments include a variety of more elaborate types of therapies.

Detoxification ‐ 21‐28 Days

Jeevaniya is one of the most intensive treatment programs which we do at Maitreyi. Jeevaniya is to give and extend life, a type of treatment plan which aims to detoxify the body, reviving the physical wholeness and natural immunity. It is meant for people who due to lifestyle habits or circumstances like polluted environment, accumulate a lot of toxins in their day to day living. These cause disease in the long term, the best way to prevent this is to flush the toxins out of the body through ayurvedic treatments and bring gradual change in lifestyle choices.

The role of Panchakarma becomes truly active here, ‘pancha‐karma’ refers to the five different type of actions which help to detoxify different parts of our body internally through a systematic process of preparation and elimination. It includes the 5 therapeutic karmas like vamana, virechana, vasthi, nasyam and rakthamoksham. The choice of Panchakarma therapy most suited to you is decided only after diagnosis, and during any 28-day regime the Ashtavaidya tradition will recommend either 1 or 2 of the karmas for elimination only. We at Maitreyi design body specific Panchkarma treatment regimens for the guest in consultation with our Vaidya.

Treatments based on oral medication – 41 days

This is a regime designed and suggested specifically for those who prefer minimum body therapies with more focus on oral intake of medication. It is suitable package for long staying visitors/guests and is a slow but methodical combination of a program for purification and rejuvenation. It encompasses external treatments, internal medications, Yoga and meditative practices to rejuvenate the physical and mental ‘Koshas’ (body sheaths). It could be ideally done over one ‘Mandala’ or a minimum of 41days to bring beneficial, long lasting and visible results. This time frame is however not fixed and can be reduced or extended as per the guest requirement.

This therapy package is suggested for the age group between 40‐60years

  • Benefits/Purpose: To upkeep physical and mental functions, prevent premature ageing, optimize body vigor and achieve good health.

Package Costs

The rates/costs for each package varies according to number & types of treatments selected or prescribed by the Vaidya in consultation with the guest. An approximate costing for the first 4 packages would be:

  • For one treatment per day @ Rs 2,300/‐ per person per day
  • For two treatments per day @ Rs 3,700/‐ per person per day

The above rates include all Ayurveda services in the package; however room, food/meals, travel, other programs or activities, if availed during your stay at Maitreyi are NOT included in the above price. The tariff plan for which is detailed on the relevant webpage @Stay at Maitreyi.

All rates are valid till 31st March 2024 and subject to change without notice.

The Rasayana therapy package costing is based on specific diagnosis and prescription as the average per day cost will vary considerably over the 41days. Rates can be sent on request over email.

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