Introduction on Vedic Culture


Vedic Culture

The foundation of Vedic culture is “Sanatana Dharma”, eternal Truth.

Dharma is that invincible power of nature which upholds existence – it maintains evolution and forms the very basis of cosmic life.

Vedic culture promotes that ‘science of being and art of living’ which enables man to live in full accordance with the laws of nature and to express the very purpose of creation – the expansion of happiness.

“Out of bliss these beings are born
in bliss they are sustained and, in the end,
in bliss they go and merge again”
– Taittiriya Upanishad

All the different aspects and disciplines of Vedic Culture like its education, architecture, health system, music, dance etc. have one common goal – to cultivate and unfold the full potential of man and thereby help him to rise to supreme accomplishments.

All the cherished traditions of Vedic learning have been handed down in time as an oral tradition from generation to generation, from father and mother to their sons and daughters, from the teacher to the student.  Even if great rishis and sages have formulated  and laid down all the basic principles of Vedic learning in the shastras (scriptures) it was always stated that Vedic teachings – to be complete and reliable – has to be based not only on written information but on personal instruction and experience.


“Life is bliss” is the underlying message of the Vedas and to manifest this more and more in your daily life is the purpose of your stay at Maitreyi.

The Vedic Tradition

” The Vedas are the lighthouse of eternal wisdom leading man to salvation and inspiring him to supreme accomplishment. “
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

This wisdom has been handed down in time by the Vedic tradition of Masters – Adi Shankara,  one of the great masters of this Vedic tradition was  a rare combination of saint, scholar and man of action. As he travelled to every part of India millions gathered to hear the solacing flow of  wisdom from the lips of the barefoot, young monk. Often referred to as Adi (‘the first’) Shankaracharya he revived this wisdom of integraton of life at his time: to keep his teaching pure and to ensure that it would be propagated in its entirety generation after generation he established four principal seats of learning in four corners of India. Swami Brahmananda Saraswati,  the Shankaracharya of Jyothir Math, North India was a living embodiment  of  Vedic wisdom and  is the source and inspiration of Maharishi ‘s teaching and Vedic Science.

Vedic Weeks at Maitreyi

To introduce you to the ancient and yet-in its universality-timeless traditional culture we have designed “Vedic Weeks at Maitreyi”.

Each day of the week will be dedicated to one of the disciplines of Vedic Science and its art forms like for example

  • Ayurveda for health, therapeutic treatments, diet & lifestyle
  • Yoga and Meditation for balance of body-mind & spirit,
  • Jyotish (Astrology) for aligning with the Universal natural energies,
  • Vaastu (Ancient Indian architecture) for living in harmony with Nature,
  • Vedic chanting (Yagyas/Homas/Pujas) for spiritual upliftment
  • Classical Indian music and dance through Gandharva Veda for expressing joy in the Divine.

This week enables you to explore the truths of Vedic wisdom, expand your consciousness and knowledge and thereby lay the foundation for a more healthy, happy and fulfilled life.

Vedic week course fee – depending on No. of participants and sessions selected by them.

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