Prof Dr.Ashta Vaidya Alathiyoor Narayanan Nambi

Ayurveda Mentor

Prof Dr.Ashta Vaidya Alathiyoor Narayanan Nambi

Chief Medical Advisor

Dr.Ashta Vaiyda Narayanan Nambi is the mentor of Ayurveda practice at Maitreyi since 2008. Currently he is working as Principal, Ashtamgam Ayurveda Chikithsalayam & Vidyapeedham, Vavanoor, Palakkad District,Kerala.

Ashtavaidyan Prof. A.N. Narayanan Nambi, MD (Ayu) is the successor of a great lineage of Ashtavaidyas, or eight-physician families of Kerala. The Ashtavaidyan Alathiyoor Nambi family is said to have received blessings from the Ashwini Devas – the twin gods of Ayurveda from the Vedic times.

He has immense experience in both academic and clinical fields. He is recognized both in India and Europe for his knowledge of Ayurveda and Indian sciences.

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