“Ayurveda is eternal, without beginning and end, because the laws of life are universal and timeless.”
Charak Samhita


Ayurvedic Rejuventation

The aim of your stay at Maitreyi is to prevent ill health in the future, heal any already manifested disturbance of your health and improve your immunity, youthfulness and vigour for a long and happy life.


Health is always desired and very essential in our living. Immunity is the result of proper prevention. Ayurveda shares lots of recommendations and suggestions to prevent and protect you against disease by improving your health and immunity. The   recommendations and therapies given by our Vaidyas are personalised to improve your immunity, overall wellbeing and quality of life.


According to Ayurveda health depends on a delicate balance between your body, mind, soul and the universe. Any fluctuation in that balance will create illness. Ayurveda gives you ideal and genuine solutions that are holistic and natural. Maitreyi offers you these time-tested therapies maintaining the ancient culture and tradition inherent in Ayurveda.


Rejuvenation is a pearl of unique wisdom offered by Ayurveda to revitalize your functional ability of body and mind. Rejuvenation is very important to keep the youthfulness, vitality and vigour for a long lifespan and fulfilled life. Specific recommendations are offered after considering your specific body type and conditions.

Ayurveda at Maitreyi starts with a personal consultation by the Vaidya (physician). The Vaidya will assess your health requirements; will give personal recommendations and the specific treatment program. Our treatments are very much personalised – every suggestion, be it for internal medicines or for external applications, is only made after carefully considering the nature and strength of the patient and the severity of the imbalance. We strictly follow the principle of ideal treatment as emphasized by Ayurveda – individualised treatments according to prakriti and condition of the patient. This is most efficient to bring back the delicate balance helping to rejuvenate body and mind.

These authentic Ayurvedic treatments, given in its traditional pure form under the expert guidance of our Vaidya will bring profound and lasting benefits. The serene and peaceful atmosphere of the Vedic Village will add its healing touch and provides an ideal environment most suitable to inner and outer wellbeing. We inspire guests  to combine their Ayurvedic treatments with a spiritual practice (yoga, meditation or any other form of sadhana) since the Sanskrit word ‘Swasthya’ – established in the Self – indicates that Self-realisation is the basis for perfect health. Ayurveda is practised to attain complete health in the four pursuits of human life, Dharma- righteousness, Artha-wealth, Kama-pleasure and Moksha-liberation.

Life is an opportunity for all of us to evolve and we know how important is the factor ‘Good health’ in our life and in the journey of evolution.

In Maitreyi treatments are not only limiting itself to medicines or to the physical level – Ayurveda mentions there is always an element of Rajo Guna of Mind in the cause of diseases. Therefore we give importance to the factor mind and help the patient to recognise the root of the problem and advise the way to solve it.

Perspective on treatments

Physical, mental and spiritual health are the three dimensions needed to be balanced and harmonised. In Maitreyi we address these three areas with rational, psycho and divine therapies.

Treatment Modalities

‘Sodhana’ (purifying) and ‘Samana’(pacifying) are the types of treatments mentioned in  Ayurveda – we strictly  follow these modalities of treatments in Maitreyi. Our range of treatments include prescription of oral medicines and all kind of therapies including panchakarma – The choice of treatment is purely based on the health condition of the patient. Your stay at Maitreyi will help you to first identify and diagnose your imbalance and then to transform your health with medicines, various treatments, life style changes and proper diet. You will learn to integrate the knowledge of Ayurveda and apply it in your day to day life for maximum and long-lasting benefits – we are happy to assist you in your journey to overall wellbeing and rejuvenation.


Exclusive attention and care is our aim: to achieve this, we admit only a limited number of persons at a time.

To find out more, see the video of Maitreyi, the Vedic Village:


Inspiration & Revival

Ayurveda, the science of life, stems from the Vedic civilization of India and stands as the most ancient and comprehensive health system in the world. The term Ayurveda combines two Sanskrit words – ‘Ayu:’ which means life, and ‘Veda’ which means knowledge or science.

Ayurveda, based on the timeless knowledge for enlivening the unlimited inner intelligence of mind and body has been practiced in India since thousands of years; it has been passed on from generation to generation as an oral tradition and later, also in the written form. Since in the last few centuries the holistic approach of Ayurveda became lost, even in India in many places a fragmented form has been practiced in recent times.

At the end of the 1970s the Indian sage Maharishi Mahesh Yogi inspired and initiated the revival of Ayurveda. Under his guidance a number of India’s most renowned and experienced Ayurvedic physicians, came together to share their knowledge to integrate the proven methods of the various family traditions and to restore the science of Ayurveda to its original wholeness.

In addition to this the guardians of long held secret formulas and procedures in many traditional Ayurvedic families were motivated by Maharishi to share their wisdom for the first time. By now Ayurveda has spread throughout the world and is recognized and practiced worldwide as a unique, holistic and most profound health system.


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